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25 May 2021 - EMBELIA vous remercie pour votre participation à notre webinaire sur le développement durable. Si vous le souhaitez nous vous proposons de :  


The 29 Mar 2021 - Utiliser un matériau ayant une filière de recyclage Réduire l’utilisation de matière fossile Incorporer de la matière recyclée ou biosourcée  

The online configuration tool allows you to simulate the juxaposition of two items between them like for example a bottle and a pump.

Go to the configurator
  • Zoom in for a closer look at your choice
  • Save your configurations
  • Recevoir mes configurations enregistrées

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technical documentation

EMBELIA develops, integrates and distributes complete solutions in personalised primary packing covering bottles, capping accessories, spraying, dosage and decoration. A made-to measure packing and packaging service suited to the Beauty, Health, Nutrition, Home care and Chemicals industries.

We can offer you a made-to-measure solution.

Our commitments

EMBELIA commits to offering you quality service and packaging, with respect to people and environment.

Our packaging company implements the necessary procedures to respect the following commitments :


  • To deliver certified packaging items.
  • To respect legislation in force.
  • To make available technical and regulatory documentation.
  • To give information on all modifications to specifications.
  • To progressively integrate the benchmarks expected by certain clients (ISO 15378).


  • To make sure products are available within 2 working days.
  • To ensure batch traceability.
  • To deliver a selection of items held in stock by box, by pallet and by truckload with the same efficiency.
  • To ensure a service rate of 98%.


  • To advise and inform our clients.
  • To accompany a client’s project from establishing requirements through to delivery.
  • To offer one or more solutions meeting the expectations of our clients.


  • To prioritise health and safety of those working with us and all persons entering our circle.
  • To initiate environmental habits in our daily life to limit our impact.
  • To develop talents in the women and men of EMBELIA by encouraging commitment and responsibility.