Mass colouring


Plastic coating





Silk-screening is a traditional technique that adds value to your product through precise decoration in one or more colours.

A wide palette of colours can be used in line with the desired effect and the item chosen:
Traditional inks, organic inks and UV inks.
Enamels and precious metals.

Silk-screening is suited for :

Glass, plastic or aluminium bottles and jars
Caps and lids

Lacquering / Spraying

Lacquering allows colour to be applied with a spray technique.
A wide range of finishes are possible: Spraying is available in gloss or shiny, opaque or transparent, shaded in total or in part, pearly white … exterior or interior…
Possibility of adding an anti-UV additive to the lacquer.
Lacquering facilitates the use of an unlimited palette of colours (possibility of matching your own colour) and gives free range to the imagination.

Alternative to mass colouring, lacquering is suited to variable quantities.

Lacquering can be performed on various items such as :

Glass, plastic or aluminium bottles and jars.
Caps and lids.

Hot stamping

Application of a film (gold, silver, bronze, metallic) to a bottle or accessory for remarkable shiny effects.

Hot stamping is a technique perfectly suited to logos, borders and shiny patterns.

Add a premium luxury touch.

Supports :

Glass, plastic or aluminium bottles and jars.
Closing accessories.

Frosting and sanding glass containers

Frosting and sanding are a chemical process modifying the appearance of the glass and making it matt or silky. Frosting and sanding of your container may be partial or total, depending on the effect you desire.
Once the glass is frosted or sanded, it is still possible to apply a decoration by silk-screening or hot stamping to embellish your container, be it a bottle or a jar.

A similar result can be obtained thanks to sanding (projection of sand grains).
Frosting and sanding are ideal for giving a frosty effect to glass bottles and jars.

Items :

Glass bottles and jars.

Mass colouring of your plastic containers , closures and accessories

During production of your primary packing, it is possible to colour the raw material of the majority of our plastic items.

Shades and effects are numerous : pearl white, glitter, transparent, opaque. Possibility of adding an anti-UV additive.

Matching of your colour is possible.

Technique mainly suited to :

Plastic bottles and jars.

Pad printing

Pad printing is a technique facilitating decoration of surfaces inaccessible to traditional silk-screening. For example hollows, angles, curved surfaces

Items :

Bottles and accessories with irregular shapes.


High resolution printing of photo images in the 4 primary colours.

May be transparent and thus visible from both sides of the item. With the quadrichromy technique, all types of transparency are possible.

Items :

Glass bottles with flat surfaces.


Embossing is a process facilitating forms ‘in relief’ on an aluminium bottle or accessory.

Items :

Aluminium bottles, caps and lids.

Plastic coating

Plastic envelope to protect glass bottles against shock and breakage. It protects the user.

This envelope may be transparent or opaque and upgraded with silkscreening.

Items :

Glass bottles especially in the pharmaceutical field.

Offset printing on cylindrical containers

Technique facilitating juxtaposed printing of several colours with great precision on a cylindrical, non-deformable container. A varnish applied to the offset printing produces a finish in matt, satin or shiny.

Offset printing is suitable for :

Plastic and aluminium cylindrical bottles with wide openings.

Anodising of aluminium containers

Anodising is a surface treatment facilitating painting aluminium or metallic items by adding a fine layer of oxide.

Items :

Caps, closures and accessories


Metallization consists of covering a capping accessory or a bottle with a fine layer of metal.

The effect is shiny metallic.

Items :

Lids, caps.
Small glass containers.


The so-called thermo-retractable sleeve is a personalised solution to coat your container or capping accessory. The sleeve may be integrated, and the possibilities of decorating your primary packing are unlimited.

Items :

Bottles, drums, containers and caps.
Plastic, metal, glass

Other techniques

Decoration techniques are changing day by day, so feel free to approach your sales representative to personalise your packaging.

We will accompany your decoration projects from the outset with the aim of making your bottle unique.