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Our made-to-measure packaging and packing services

Complete primary packing solution

EMBELIA develops, integrates and distributes complete solutions in personalised primary packing covering bottles, capping accessories, spraying, dosage and decoration. A made-to measure packing and packaging service suited to the Beauty, Health, Nutrition, Home care and Chemicals industries.

We can offer you a made-to-measure solution.

Inventory and logistics

Our logistics centre in Savigny-sur-Clairis occupies some 8,000 m2. Our packaging and packing company is equipped to offer you the best service.

  • Inventory :over 1,000 references in stock and available at all times
  • Delivery : We are flexible in adapting quantities according to your needs: from one box to a whole truck anywhere in France, across Europe and the world. Orders are expedited speedily within 48 hours.
  • Special palletisation and reconditioning: we adapt our standard palletisation and in certain cases our packing in line with your needs.
  • Samples can be sent within 48 hours for your internal tests and prototypes.

Pumps: cut in the dip tube

We adapt the length of dip tubes in the bottle you choose from our wide selection of glass, plastic or aluminium bottles.

Pumps: Mounting a cap on the pump

In line with our models, we ensure mounting a cap or a clip on pumps.

Pumps: tests on products

We accompany you in the search for the pump best suited to your product. Upon request, we offer the following tests and make recommendations:

  • Compatibility test bulk / pump
  • Spray test to determine best-suited nozzle guaranteeing the best atomisation
  • Joint inflation test
  • Size of particles test

Other tests can be performed. Feel free to enquire.

Sterilisation: glass or plastic packaging

We can offer you sterilisation solutions for the pharmaceutical sector. After study, we can sterilise your glass or plastic containers: bottles, jars, pill boxes , closures and accessories

Search and certification of new products

Can you not find the product you are looking for in our wide selection?

Do you wish to look for a specific container or accessory?

Entrust your project to us.

As a packaging and packing specialist for the cosmetics, pharmacy, nutrition and chemical sectors, our research centres finalise your project with you from research to certification.

Feel free to enquire of your sales representative, who will take pains to research your product. It is our pleasure to respond to your request for packaging or packing, whatever your sector of activity.