All the answers to frequently asked questions about our personalized packaging


I have lost my login and/or password

Your login is your email address
You can recover your password by clicking on password recovery

I can't create an account

Check activation link:
Did you confirm the activation link you received by email? Sometimes the activation link slips into your spam folder.

Single email field message appears:
You are already registered.
Your login is your e-mail address. In this case you can recover your password.

I don't remember which items I have already ordered

You have access to your order history in your personal space, my account


I can't confirm my order

Some simple tips:
Check that you have reached the minimum order of €150
Check the quantities ordered. If the requested stock exceeds available stock, a message will indicate this
Some countries are not yet open to online sales

I can't order on Sundays

Our site undergoes maintenance for a few hours a week on Sundays. Please renew your request on Monday morning.

Where do you deliver ?

We deliver to France and most European countries.
However, our export department processes orders from all countries, including those that are not eligible for online sales. Please complete the online form under contact

Why are there two packages on the product sheet?

To satisfy customers who need small quantities, we repackage certain items.
For online orders, the WEB package must be taken into account


I have not received the invoice

Invoices are available and sent once the goods are shipped.
You can also find them in your personal space

How long will it take to deliver ?

Orders leave our warehouse within 24 hours
If the shipment of your order takes longer, you will be informed by your sales representative

Can I track the status of my order?

Orders are shipped by courier or carrier.
In order for you to be able to follow your delivery in real time, we will soon add an order tracking link

Can I pay by bank transfer?

Payments are made through the pay box secure payment platform. Payment for your order triggers its preparation.
However, if you wish to to pay by bank transfer, please contact your sales representative who will confirm who will confirm the conditions. The deadlines will be slightly extended.

I would like to collect the order I have placed myself

Orders are configured to be sent by our chartered carrier.
If you wish to arrange your own transport, please contact your sales representative

What are the shipping costs ?

We charge you a reduced transport fee which is fixed regardless of the value of your order.

Can I reserve products online?

At the moment it is not possible to reserve items online, so please get in touch with your sales representative or write to us on our contact form.


Why do some items not have a price?

We have chosen to offer the items we have in stock for sale online.
Other items are available with specific price, packaging or delivery conditions which will be given to you by your sales representative

Are the prices on a sliding scale? Do you offer a price for large quantities?

Our prices are on a sliding scale. We offer 3 price levels for online sales.
We can, of course, quote you prices for larger quantities through your usual sales contact.
Move the cursor over the ? to see the sliding-scale prices.


What is the packing unit used to calculate your prices?

Accessories: we sell our corking accessories individually. The price is for 1 item
Containers: we sell our containers by package. The price is for 1 package

Is it possible to have an invoice without tax?

Our invoices includes VAT.

Our export customers can contact their tax authorities to claim the VAT.


I'm not sure which product to order, can I order samples?

Of course - you can order up to 5 samples for free.
This will allow you to check the compatibility of your formula with our bottle and cap sets and and confirm that the characteristics suit you (shape, material,...)


I would like to decorate my bottles - is this possible?

We offer a decoration service and a wide range of customisations. (Screen printing, hot stamping, embossing, etc.). An overview is available on the site’s homepage.
Our team will be happy to assist you throughout your project. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Do you offer recycled products?

Yes, EMBELIA is committed to sustainable development. Not only do we offer recycled products, but also refillable or lightweight products. You can consult the search engine dedicated to sustainable development or our news feed on the subject

What items are available for sale online?

Our catalogue contains a multitude of items. We offer a selection of items for sale online that we keep in stock.
Tip: To view only the items available for sale online, select the "items held in stock" option from the "all items" drop-down menu


Is your entire catalogue online?

No, it isn’t. However, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information. We can also assist you in searching for and designing packaging suited to your specific needs.

Where can I find the right closures for my bottles?

Under the selected items you will find a proposal of compatible items.
On the other hand, the description of each article indicates the ring of the bottle. This must match the ring of the closure which you can also find on the search engine.



I need the drawing and technical datasheets - where can I find them?

The drawings and technical data sheets can be accessed either from the personal space, or from the site's home page, or on the product description sheets.
You must first have created a personal space in "my account".

I have not received the requested elements

We provide our customers with drawings and technical data sheets for the items they have already ordered or sampled.
If this is not the case, you can contact your sales representative who will send them to you.

Why do I have to register to receive technical information?

We ask our customers to register in advance for traceability reasons.
This way, we can notify you if an update is made

Will I be alerted if a technical update is made?

Yes, we ensure a traceability of the sent documents and in case of modification you will receive a notification.