Skincare , body care, suncare, haircare, travel size, rolls-ons...

In cosmetics, needs are multiple, our design are too.

An elegant range of glass or aluminium bottles and sprays.

Because every fragrance is unique, it deserves a made-to-measure case.

Dropper bottles or pipettes, pill boxes, recycled materials, suitable for natural products …

Containers dedicated to well-being, quite naturally.

Glass and plastic bottles meeting all the needs of the pharmaceutical market.

Looking after your health is just as much about the packaging.

Jars , bottles, glass, plastic or aluminium preparation applicators …

A thousand and one containers for a thousand and one tastes.

For packaging of household, cleaning and gardening products …

As many solutions as there are rooms in the house.

Drums for the chemicals and phytosanitary sector, jars, jerry cans …

Multiple industries, specific needs, varied solutions.

Product : Skin care

Foundation, anti-ageing creams, lip balms, lotions, serums, masks, EMBELIA carries sets designed for skincare: Glass bottles with pipettes, droppers or pumps, plastic bottles, jars … A cosmetic solution made to measure.


Your packaging !